Fill in the blanks with the right form of verb "HAVE GOT". Profesor: Julián Alonso Elizo.

Ejercicio de completar frases

Escribe en los espacios en blanco las palabras adecuadas.
   got      Has      has      has got      hasn´t got      have      Have      have got   
- Hello, what´s your name?
- My name is Anne.
- Anne, you any brothers or sisters?
- Yes, I a brother and a sister.
- you a pet?
-Yes, I a dog.
- What does it look like?
- It brown hair. It isn´t very big.
- What is your favourite toy?
- My favourite toy is my bicycle. I a green mountain bike.
- And your brother? he a bike?
- Yes, he a blue bike, and my sister too.
- your father a car?
- No, he a car. He a motorbike.
- And your mother?
- No, she a car.
- How many books you ?
- I lots of books.
- Who more CDs in your house?
- My brother John . He lots and lots of CDs.