To be nº 1. C. P. Alcalde Próspero Martínez Suárez. Riosa. Profesor: Julián Alonso Elizo

Ejercicio de completar frases

Escribe en los espacios en blanco las palabras adecuadas.
   Am      am      Are      are      Is      is   
I a student
You a waiter
He a postman
She a doctor
It a turtle
We Spanish
You English
They American
I at home
you at the restaurant?
she at school?
he at the hotel?
it at the zoo?
I a good footballer?
we the winners?
What your name? My name Richard
How old you? I 12 years old.
Where you from? I from Bristol.
you English? No, I not. I am Scottish.
Who she? She my sister, Susan.
How old she? She 11.
When her birthday? Her birthday on the second of June
Where you going? I going to Spain.
What you going to do there? I going on holidays.
How you going to Spain? I going by plane.