Internet saves a life

Internet and videogames are often blamed for sedentary life styles that lead to obesity in children and adults. The story of Nancy Makin proves that there's always another side to everything.

In her case the internet gave her a new lease of life. Watch her story and fill in the blanks with a suitable word.

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video from ABC news
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Nancy Makin lost more than 500 pounds surgery
In March 2000 she hadn't left her for 12 years
She felt locked in an unending cycle of food and
One day her sister gave her a . She had always been interested in and started visiting chat rooms where she met strangers that reacted to her not her appearance.
Nancy says that when you weigh 700 pounds you've given up , you don't think something is going to change.
She says internet provided and so people who would have her out of hand because of her appearance got to see her insides
When you feel this way you can overeat cold cheeseburgers out of the fridge because it is your you are staffing
Her son was years old when she started gaining weight
He told her later that his greatest was to get home one day and find her dead
Nancy only regrets that she his son, she marred his childhood
At first, when she met people on the internet she was so busy and so happy that she didn't even notice she was weight
One day the jumped on her lap and she realised that she had a lap
People want to lose weight and they think that thatʼs the key. The key is to find and value in yourself by reaching out and doing something that is not for you
and the weight will come off as a effect
I was being loved and nurtured by strangers in a world where you are given levels of worth dependent on first ; these friends accepted who I was based on my mind and . The anonymity of the computer gave me to a world that would have just as well have left me alone, alone to die but I did not.
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