3. Watch this video clip where you can see Dr House displaying his deductive skills and fill in the gaps:

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House: How you doing?
Patient: Okay.
House: Great. I’m doing good, too. I get to off an hour early today. Know why? ‘Cause I kissed my boss’ ass, you ever do that? I think she just said yes because she wants to that behavior. Wants me to kiss a lot of other people’s ass, like she wants me to kiss yours. What would you want, a doctor who your hand while you die, or a doctor who you while you get better? I guess it would particularly suck to have a doctor who ignores you while you .
Patient: I should go.
House: You think it’s going to out on its own? Are we talking bigger than a ? ‘Cause actually, it will come out on its own, which for small stuff is no problem. Gets up in a nice soft package and plop! Big stuff, you’re going to rip something, which medically is when the fun stops.
Patient: How did you -
House: You’ve been here half an hour and haven’t down, that tells me its location. You haven’t told me what it is, that tells me it’s . You have a little birdie carved on your , that tells me you have a high tolerance for humiliation, so I figure it’s not haemorrhoids. I’ve been a 20 years, you’re not going to surprise me.
Patient: It’s an MP3 player.
House: Is it… is it because of the size, or the , or the pounding bass line?
Patient: What are we going to do?
House: I’m gonna .
Patient: For what?
House: Okay, it’s 3:00, I’m off. Would you tell Dr. Cuddy there’s a patient in Exam Room 2 that needs her attention? And the RIAA wants her to check for illegal .