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speaking Trials and courts

Answer these questions for yourself and then discuss your answers with a partner:

  • Do you remember any trial cases in which the defendant was a public figure? What were the charges he/she was accused of?
  • Court cases are a profitable source for Hollywood films and TV series. Do you have a favourite one?
  • Is the Spanish Legal system different to American or British one? Can you give some examples of the differences? Get some information here, take notes and exchange information with your partner(s).

editVocabulary Check

Do you know the name of the most common crimes? Check by completing this crossword.

reading Court Dramas

link The American Film Institute has chosen the 10 best courtroom drama films of all time. Read the list and choose one you have already seen to talk about it with your partner. If you haven't seen any, choose the one you would like to see and get as much information as you can about the case by clicking on the link.


watching12 Angry Men

The Judge giving instructions to the jury

Watch the opening scene of 12 Angry Men and complete the missing information. Listen carefully and fill in the gaps with the word(s) missing in the gaps. Some gaps require more than one word.

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Video from Youtube
To continue, you've listened to a long and complex case: . Premeditated murder is the most serious charge tried in our criminal courts . You've listened to the , you've had the law read to you and interpreted as it applies in this case. It's now your duty to sit down and try to separate the from the fancy. One man is dead. Another man's life is . If there is a in your minds as to the guilt of the accused, a , then you must bring me a verdict of 'Not Guilty'. If, however, there's no , then you must, in good conscience, find the accused "Guilty". However you decide, your verdict must be . In the event you find the accused 'Guilty', the bench will not entertain a recommendation for mercy. The is mandatory in this case. You're faced with a grave responsibility. Thank you, gentlemen.
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