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watching Where do cell phones go when they die?

What do you do with your old mobile phones when you replace them? Do you take them somewhere to be recycled? Are they all sitting in a drawer? or even worse, did you throw them into the rubbish bin? Do you ever worry about the problem of electronic waste, or never even thought about it? Watch the video and fill in the missing words:

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Video Podcast by How stuff works
At this moment in the United States, 205 million people use a cell phone, since people or replace their phones there are also 650 million retired phones. Ever wondered what happens to retired cell phones and ?
When people throw them in the , they eventually end up in a local municipal landfill. Cell phones and chargers contain materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium, which can end up in our drinking water and food sources. How stuff works recently visited Collective Good, a mobile phone center to find out how old cell phones can be used to make new ones.
Cell phones have valuable materials inside such as gold, silver and . The most valuable material is which is used in the phones circuit-boards. Chargers contain which is less valuable but still re-usable. By today's methods of strip mining collecting one clean ounce of gold generates 79 tons of toxic , that's the equivalent of cars stacked on top of each other. But if you recycle one phone you can reclaim all the metals you need for the manufacture of a new one.
Another way to recycle cell phones is by taking the working parts of otherwise phones and combining those parts together with the parts from other phones to create one complete working phone. These rebuilt phones can then be sent back into circulation without ever needing newly manufactured parts.


If you like technology and keeping up with new developments in this field you can practise your English at the same time:

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