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speaking Driving in your country


Answer these questions for yourself and then discuss your answers with a partner:

  1. Do you have a driving licence? If you do, did you pass the test easily? And if you don't, would you like to have one?
  2. What makes a good driver, in your opinion?
  3. Do you think that men and women drive in a different way? Do you agree with people who say that women are better drivers because they don't have as many accidents as men?
  4. Do you think people in your country drive well? Why/not?
  5. Do you agree with the tough new policies on bad driving that are being implemented in different countries in Europe?
  6. Have you ever driven a British car with the steering wheel on the right? What are the problems you may encounter when driving in the UK?
  7. Are you familiar with the traffic signs even if you don't drive? With this link you can check your knowledge and take an online theory test on UK road signs.

link Vocabulary: Parts of a car

With this link you will find a glossary with the terms you will need to describe the parts of the car and some interactive exercises to practice what you have learnt.

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