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tv Guide to avoid angry drivers

Road rage is a term that first appeared in the media to describe senseless violent behaviour in some drivers. Stressful lives, grid-locked cities seem to awake a Mr or Mrs Hyde in some drivers, leading them to abnormally aggresive acts. (You can read an example in the section Reading in this unit).

In the video below, you are given some advice to prevent road rage incidents. Take notes while you watch it and answer the questions in the boxes. (from Videojug)

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1. Why is it a good idea to do some relaxing exercises before getting in the car?

2. How can you avoid cutting someone up?

3. What is the best recognised way to apologise if you cut someone up?

4. Why should you stay away from someone who is driving in an aggressive way?

5. What can happen with harmless gestures like shaking your head in road rage episides?

6. What is the main thing you should avoid when you find an aggressive driver?

7. Where does the video recommend you not to drive in case someone seems to be following you?


your answers and check them with the transcript.

mouse You can read more about the topic of road rage here.


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