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tv How to use roundabouts

Roundabouts are a nightmare for any tourist driving in the UK or in Ireland for the first time. In the video below you can learn the basic steps. After you watch it, complete the missing information in the exercise below.

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Step 1: The process
As with all junctions, roundabouts require the Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre routine on approach. The manoeuvre is broken down into 3 sections: position, speed and look. Position the car depending on what you are intending to take. Slow your speed by easing off the gas pedal, sufficiently and then select the appropriate to match your speed and look. What do you see? Is it safe to go or do you have to to other traffic?
Step 2: First exit
When approaching roundabouts, positioning is crucial, it helps to tell people what your are. If you are taking the first exit, keep to the side of the road, and left. Stay in the left when using the roundabout ready to easily leave at the first exit.
Step 3: Straight on
If you are going straight ahead, again keep left but . Stay to the left hand lane on the roundabout. Indicate left the exit before the one you want. Make good use of your nearside door ensuring you there is no one who will be inconvenienced by you turning off.
Step 4: Turning right
If you're turning right, stay over to the right on your approach and indicate as such. Keep to the right lane on the roundabout until you need to to exit. Indicate left after you have passed the exit before the one you want.
Once you have left the roundabout, make sure your has been cancelled and check for following traffic in your .
Step 5: Other roundabouts
Mini-roundabouts follow the same Highway Code rules as normal roundabouts. When it comes to multiple and satellite roundabouts systems, deal with each separately, treating it as you would treat a normal roundabout.

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