Choosing a Bed and Breakfast in Ireland

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B&B Accommodation in Ireland

Bed & Breakfasts are private homes which have a number of rooms available for guest accommodation. As these are mostly family homes the best of them are a good choice for those who want to meet Irish people and sample a bit of Irish life, as well as for those on a budget.

Accommodation & Facilities

In general large and hearty home cooked breakfasts are served but evening meals are not available. Almost all bedrooms have private bathrooms and generally a guest sitting area is provided.Irish B&B

Standards vary a lot; some can be quite spartan, others decorated in an overly fussy style that can be off putting. Some are friendly and welcoming, others practically ignore their guests. Because they are family run, the athmosphere and the whole experience is very dependent on the person at the helm and their attitude to visitors.

Be careful when reading descriptions in accommodation listings - "Country Homes" may be cosy farm houses but could equally be modern and fairly dull custom built premises at the side of a road just outside a town.

What You Will Pay

Bed and breakfasts prices have crept up in recent years, but most are still good value with prices ranging from €60 - €90 per night for 2 people sharing, including breakfast.

The bed and breakfast market in Ireland has become a very crowded one of late, some say overcrowded. With the rise in the number of budget hotels their market is shrinking and competition can be fierce, especially off season, so do shop around.

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