How to build a bivouac shelter

If you are the adventurous type and consider hotels just luxuries, the following video might prove extremely useful to you if you ever have to spend the night out there in the wilderness. The video shows how to build a bivouac shelter, step by step. Watch it and match the instructions on the left with the correct steps on the right.

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Video Podcast by Videojug

1. Make sure you choose the right spot to make camp.
2. Make sure that the ground between the trees is clear of any growth or foliage.
3. As a final touch carefully trim the unsharpened end.
4. First lay out your bivouac.
5. You will need a bivouac, a groundsheet, a saw and a knife.
6. Lay your ground sheet under the shelter.
7. If you are in a valley, then head to higher ground.
8. You will need to find a flat piece of ground.
9. Always try to camp at the edge of a forest.
10. Find a long branch about 1 finger thick.

Once you have finished the exercise, you can read the transcript while you listen to the podcast again. If there are any words that you don't understand you can find out their meaning just by double-clicking them

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