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speaking Talk about trials

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Answer these questions for yourself and then discuss your answers with a partner:

  1. Have you ever been present in a trial? And have you ever been part of one, as a witness or as a juror (or in any other possible role)?
  2. There are many TV series revolving around the world of courts and trials. Do you know any of them? Do you think television series or films reflect real life?
  3. If you were involved in a trial, would you prefer one in which a jury would take part or one with just the judge (bench trial)?
  4. Do you know anybody who has been a member of a jury? Would you like to be one? Why/not?
  5. Some people argue that the members of the jury can be manipulated more easily than a judge because they don't usually have legal knowledge. Do you agree?
  6. Imagine you have to choose the members of a jury. What kind of questions would you ask to select them? Why would you ask those questions.
  7. Check some essential vocabulary related to trials in this quiz.

Watch an expert talking about being called for jury duty.

Jury Selection

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